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Raqs sharqi (or belly dance) is a celebratory dance!

As a professional belly dancer, it is my job to get people in a celebratory mood, and ready to have a good time. (And also to wow people with my shimmies, undulations, and by balancing things on my head.) I do this by wearing one of my fabulous and glitzy costumes from Egypt, showcasing my magnetic smile, feeling the music, and shimmying like it’s going out of style! My dance conveys passion, playfulness, joy, artfulness, and sensuality. Whether the music is live or recorded, energetic or slow, my performance will move you! I can tailor a performance for any occasion, and audience participation is usually part of the package. Children also love belly dancing, so my form of entertainment is appropriate for all ages.

Call or email me to perform and/or teach a lesson at your next event.

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